Regression hypnosis is a way of interacting with your unconscious mind about current life and/or past life issues. While under regression hypnosis we are able to identify any areas which may need to be worked on in order to live happier more fulfilling lives.

When we work on these issues in a state of deep relaxation we can clear up negative blocks from the past which may have been holding us back. After clearing the blocks we are able to install new, positive feelings and behaviours to help us on our path into the future.

For those of you who may not presently believe in past lives then don’t worry – You do not have to believe. The way I see it, is that if your unconscious mind comes up with a whole ‘past life identity’ then where is it coming from? It is still something which is sitting in your mind somewhere. Perhaps it is a coping mechanism which you unconsciously created one day while in a state of stress? If so, then it can only be a good thing to communicate with it and release any blocks which may be hindering your life.

Whilst qualifying in Regression Hypnosis I was amazed at what sort of things came up. It was really interesting because all of the issues which surfaced I could totally relate to. I found it a useful tool to work with and I hope you will feel the same.





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